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The following essay had been written by me 2 years ago . Enjoy it :D


The original essay ^.^


    Secrets. Something that not everyone knows about it. That's why it was called secrets. Everybody have their own secrets. Some secrets can be share but some not. We only tells our secrets to someone that really can trust him or her. But if he or she reveals the secrets to the public, I am afraid that he or she will not be trusted anymore. Today, I want to share with you my secrets.

    One fined day, like every bored day, I waked up from bed and went to the bathroom to take a bath. After taking the bath, I step out of the bathroom and went to my old wardrobe. It was big enough that even two people sized like me is fit in the wardrobe. I slowly open my wardrobe. It leaves a wrecking sound. And suddenly, it was raining heavily outside. I tool my shirt and short and wear it. Then, I went down the stairs to have a breakfast with my lovely family.

    While we are having our nice breakfast, suddenly my cat, Pussy, ran out at the hall and went to the dining room. I thought maybe Pussy just playing games with another cat and my thought was right. She were playing with my neighbor male cat.

    After having breakfast, I ran to the upstairs and when I wanted to ran into my room, I suddenly falling backward and my head knocked with floor. I was so dizzy at that time and fainted. My younger sister screamed as loud as she can after seeing me lying like that. My parents rush upstairs and took me to the hospital. After having a check, the doctor said I had a tumor in my head in a critical condition.

    Before this, I already know about my tumor but I kept it as my secret, not to tell anyone including my family members because I do not want them to worried about me. I do not want them to think about me that I will die. Thats was my biggest secret ever. After my parents and my siblings knows about this, my mom fainted because at shock and the others crying a lot. After my mom wake up from fainted, suddenly, droplet of water running down from her eyes. She was crying because of me. Thats why I do not want them to know about my cancer because they will crying because of me.

    Conclusion, not all secrets can be shared to others because do not want them to worried or being troubled because of our secrets.


Essay ni terok sangat-2 . HAHA . Time aku salin balik, bantai gelak je laa sebab kelakar mengimbau kembali zaman silam dulu :) Ayat langsung habis berterabur macam mangga kat tepi jalan ( maaf sebab tak tau nak letak peribahasa apa -..-'') . Kalau kalian semua membaca essay ini akan terjadi dua kemungkinan. Iaitu : 
  • Bantai gelak sebab kelakar gila
  • Bengang gila sebab tahap 'English' aku bodoh gila
But atleast aku atlet UiTMNS :D Boleh menyumbang kekalahan kepada mereka :P Dan atleast markah aku 27 % ^^ Per berapa aku tak tau .Jadi jom laa kita banyak beramal dan kembali ke pangkal jalan :D Selamat pagi dan sekian....

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